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If you’ve been to City Church since we started our Live Loved series, you’ve probably heard the song, Live Loved. We wrote this song to help remind us that we are made by a great God who loves us deeply and fully. It is a prayer for God to teach us to live inside the light of this truth. I’d love for you to read the lyrics and make them your prayer this week.

[churchpack_superquote]Lord, teach us how to live inside the light of your great love![/churchpack_superquote]

You spoke the earth into its place
Then formed us with your hands
Face to face You breathed your life in us

Though we rebelled, spat in Your face
In pain You bore our death
Blood for blood You gave your life for us

Teach us how to live inside the light of Your great love
Show us who we are in You, adopted through the Son
Teach us how to live inside the light of Your great love
Buried in your boundless grace, transformed by what you’ve done
Teach us how to live loved. Teach us how to live loved.

You take our hearts and make them new
Reflectors of Your love
By your grace you mold and shape our lives

You set us free to love like You
To see them through Your eyes
Free from shame You give us new life

This is love, You loved us
Though we went astray
You freed us, redeemed us
Showing us the way

Now that You’ve opened our eyes
Invaded us with Your love
There is freedom!
Freedom to love like You love
Freedom to give like You give
This is freedom!

We hope to write many more songs that express what God is teaching us as a church. If you have a song idea or lyrics, etc. that you’d like to see turned into a City Church song. Let me know and we’ll talk! We love to hear the way that God is speaking through His church.


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  1. I love this song, David. Thank you for your passionate, Christ-centered leadership at City Church. I look forward to the day when 50% of the songs we sing on Sunday morning come from our community as we grow up together in Jesus!

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