Obamacare and the Christian Divide

Obamacare and the Christian Divide

Some people love it. Others hate it. Some say it’s about time. Others say it’s a sign of the end times. Christians are divided on Obamacare for various reasons. Interestingly, both pro and con defenders can and often do ground their conclusions in different biblical principles that stand in tension with one another. Unfortunately, ratherContinue Reading

Phil Robertson, Homosexuality, and the Gospel

Phil Robertson, Homosexuality, and the Gospel

Social networks are vibrating at a fevered pitch as Christians run to the defense of Phil Robertson, who was dumped by the A & E television network for his statements about homosexuality. While homosexuality is an important and relevant topic to discuss in the public square – one we must approach with Biblical grace andContinue Reading

Footprints in the Sand at Omaha Beach

June 6, 1944. D-day. The allies stormed the fortified beaches of Normandy, France. Under blistering machine gun and artillery fire, thousands of soldiers threw themselves into this battle for a beachhead. By the end ofthe day, the German defenses, and the back of Hitler’s regime were broken. D-day led to the liberation of Europe, and the endContinue Reading

Discarded Treasure

Someone found a coin from an unknown country so they threw it away. However, someone found it, cleaned it up and took it to a coin dealer who told him it was worth enough for him to retire before he reached 50 years of age. The first person threw away something of great value. TheContinue Reading

A Community Garden

I was walking downtown yesterday, praying for our city. I asked God for a fresh vision of what it means for us (City Church) to live fully loved by by God, together in community, on mission with Jesus in our city. Minutes later, I passed the Boise High School Teaching Garden, thought of other community gardens, and began to realizeContinue Reading

Loving Teens Fully

Our world is changing. It has changed drastically in the ten years since I was a teenager. Teenagers and youth culture are moving targets. Unfortunately, the Church is struggling to hit that target. The number of young people leaving the church after high school is alarming, as our our culture is continually losing Christian valuesContinue Reading

What We’re Singing About

Last week I posted the lyrics to an original song we recently started singing on Sunday mornings. I hope and pray this is the first of many songs that come out of the City Church community, because I believe the songs we sing should be a reflection of and response to what God is doing among us.Continue Reading

Jesus, Politics, and the Pulpit

A friend posted a question on Face Book: “What do you think? Should pastors, out of concern for the poor, preach against the immorality and poverty-creating policy of Obamacare?” I felt compelled to respond. The question of if and when to preach politics from the pulpit is not new. Preachers of all political stripes have wrestled with thisContinue Reading

Lyrics for Live Loved

If you’ve been to City Church since we started our Live Loved series, you’ve probably heard the song, Live Loved. We wrote this song to help remind us that we are made by a great God who loves us deeply and fully. It is a prayer for God to teach us to live inside theContinue Reading

What’s in a Gathering?

You can’t be part of City Church for long without hearing us talk about Gatherings. So what’s the big deal? Nothing but everything! Gatherings help us go deeper with God and one another, by providing a space for us to discover and live in the beauty of the Gospel together. They help us disciple eachContinue Reading